Perfect Line Reactor, can maximize your efficiency and your energy savings while eliminating the most common problems listed below: 

  • Harmonic distortion in current and voltage
  • Line notching
  • Line noise
  • Surge current

A 3-phase Line Reactor is a set of three (3) coils (also known as windings, chokes or inductors) in one assembly. It is a series device, which means it is connected in the supply line such that all line current flows through the reactor, as shown below.


Line Reactors are current-limiting devices and oppose rapid changes in current because of their impedance. They hold down any spikes of current and limit any peak currents. This resistance to change is measured in ohms as the Line Reactor's AC impedance (X L ) and is calculated as follows:

X L  = 2 p f L (ohms), where: F is harmonic frequency (5 th , 7 th & 11 th Harmonic)

Line Reactors are rated by impedance, voltage and current.


Z = V / I , where Z = load impedance (ohms),  V = line voltage (volts), and I = line current (amps)

Technical Specification:

  • Open/close Type
  • Current : 2 Amps - 950 Amps
  • Capacity : 1 HP – 600 HP


  • Extending the life of switching components in power electronic circuits.

  • Solution for drive application. Protect your drive from harmful line disturbances.

  • No more saturation due to the application of advanced grade laminations. Perfect Line Reactor will not saturate under the most severe line conditions, even in extreme overload at double current value.

  • Extending the life of the motor. Line reactors (applied in the output side of the drive) will improve the waveform, avoiding failures due to output circuit faults. As a result, motor-operating temperatures may be reduced by 100o to 200oC degrees.

  • Motor noise is reduced due to the removal of certain high frequency harmonic currents.

  • Better heat dissipation, which means less power losses, due to the particular attention that has been given in the design and testing procedures.

  • Minimize harmonic distortion. By applying a Perfect Line Reactor, the inrush current to the rectifier in the drive can be limited, and the peak current is reduced. Typically, current distortion is reduced by 30%. Furthermore, the voltage distortion (such as “flat-topping” voltage waveform) can also be minimized.

  • Better short circuit resistance, Perfect Line reactors can withstand current under any kind of short circuit conditions.

  • In addition, our line reactors significantly enhance the performance and the life expectancy as well as the operating efficiency of the related solid-state devices, such as the motor and the drive itself.