Very compact and modern in design. Foundation is not necessary as they are directly mounted on non-driving end shaft of the motor. It consist of Linear Plates (Brake Disc) with square hole at the center. One corresponding piece of square hub is supplied with the Brake. This hub is keyed to the motor shaft and the Linear Plate is Free on this hub. Normally Linear Plate is grippes between two discs with the help of Spring Pressure. They work on 230/415 V.A.C.  When the current is supplied to the brake

one disc is attracted by electromagnet against spring pressure and the Linear Plate is released. Thus the Brake is 'off'. Once the Brake is set it does not require adjustment or maintenance. When the linear plate wears with the use then only air gap is required to be maintained periodically. An arrangement to release the brake manually could be provided on request.


Fail safe disc brakes working on 24 V.D.C. also these brakes in other voltages i.e. 42,190 etc. In working they are more or less as per A.C. Disk Brakes only. Advantage of D.C. Brake over A.C. Brake is that they are compact in size. They being D.C. are sluggish in action and hence when continuous inching operations are there these brakes cause load on the motor. Hence they are ideal when number of operations are many but inching is not required. A.C. Brakes are not suitable when number of operations are very high but they can withstand if inching operations are made for small time or intermittently.





The unit is designed for high frequency start stop operations similar to type : CBC. It is supplied in an open condition. Enclosure and assembly are carried
in situ at customer's site.  



The Bearing Mounted Clutch is a "Normally Off" type Clutch. It has 2 basic of a coil and a rotor faced with friction material held to the stator by means of the bearing and the Armature plate.

When current flows through the Clutch Coil, the Armature plate is attracted to he rotor with friction material thereby transmitting the torque and is released immediately due to a sinusoidal wave spring, when no current is passing through the coil.