Corporate Profile
Perfect Electricals is a rapidly growing enterprise with focused expertise in design and manufacturing of Transformer & Electrical goods for various purposes. It has a state of the art facility at Thane to cater to production of all types of Transformers

The management team consists of a qualified Management Consultant with over 25 years of Indian and international experience and an operational expert with over 11 years of hard core experience and proficiency in all areas related to Transformer industry.


  • A dedicated team of competent engineering professionals having rich experience in design and manufacturing of Transformer, CT, PT, Choke, Auto Variable Transformer, Stabilizer, CVT, Cluch & etc.
  • A strong team of skilled workforce.
  • Cost-effective and production-efficient processes with inbuilt Quality Control checks

Core Competencies

  • Production of high quality Transformers & other products.
  • Commitment of delivery schedules.
  • Competitive pricing structure, made possible by cost efficient production processes and economic purchasing & inventory management techniques


Customer satisfaction, through prompt and professional service.